What is Viral Boro?

Viral Boro is all about fun articles written by us or submitted by you

Why should I submit to Viral Boro?

Our project is focused on making your work public and having fun doing it. You get to share stories about your town with everyone around the world.

Tell your Boro story win $50 Amazon gift card

For you money-hungry ones who don't care about anything I mentioned above, we give away $50 Amazon gift card

Where is Viral Boro?

Anywhere! You can live in Brazil as long as you write an article or a story about what happened in your "Boro"

How does my article qualify for Viral Boro?

Read the rules below and submit your article with your name/pseudonym and email

Submission Rules

  • You can submit as many articles per month as you want
  • Article has to be between 1,000 and 10,000 words
  • Image has to be less than 1MB
  • The main event can date back maximum of 1 year
  • Refrain from political and religious rhetoric
  • Extra points for haunted stories involving your Boro
required We need something to stick on your work if it gets accepted

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