5 of the Best Pimple Popping Videos

Do you relish popping pimples? Does your normally bad vision zero in like a hawk seeing prey when you see a friend with a juicy looking zit? Then these videos are for you. Called popping by the community of awestruck seekers of these videos, these forays in the gross, grimy, and gooey can be as tense as a thriller and as satisfying as any thematic climax. Beware, these videos include lots of gross stuff including blood.

1. Sometimes you can get a professional to pop the cyst out of ya. If you dig into this doctor's videos you can see her getting into many a goldmine.

2. Sometimes you rely on the horror and joy of your probably drunk friends (PSA: It's not encouraged to play with sharp objects while inebriated). Cysts are buildups of liquid or other biological material under the skin that are generated by a membranous sac. When removing the material in the cyst doctors are careful to remove the sac also so the cyst can't rebuild.

3. Popping zits is POPular around the world. Blackheads are usually buildups of dried skin cells and oils that harden because of exposure to air. Their little heads are so fun to pop!

4. The slowburn is so agonizing and but so wonderful it's going to have you on the edge of your seat. Whiteheads are usually under the skin and are similar to blackheads in material but just lack the characteristic "head."

5. Don't let the chill music deter you. These are the gifts that just keep giving. This one is great because it has multiple parts.


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