No Pets Allowed. The Top 8 Weird and Awesome Pets to Sneak Past Your Landlord

Hiding pets from your landlord or maintenance crew can be difficult. If it meows, barks, needs walks or gravitates towards windows, you're liable to get caught. So what's an eccentric pet-lover to do, besides get a goldfish? Not to worry, we've compiled a list of creatures that are easy to sneak past the No Pet rules. Not only that, we've picked the weirdest, most awesome creatures you probably haven't even considered before.

1 The humble Stick insect:

This social and omnivorous pet usually grows around 3 to 4 inches and can live for several years if kept properly in the right conditions. Prepare to have more than one (they need friends) and expect to clean their cage out weekly as they molt frequently.

2 The adorable Hedgehog

Most states allow these gentle pets, who are nocturnal and love to eat insects. They are generally considered to be low maintenance; although you will want to make sure they are using an exercise wheel and eating the right amount of food.

3 The wise Bearded Dragon

This friendly reptile likes to be taken out of his cage, but not for too long, because he needs UV light, heat and moisture. If taken care of properly, he can live as long as a cat.

4 The sensitive Skunk

Skunks are legal pets in a few states! They can be de-scented when they are about 4 weeks old, so you can part them from their stench. Caring for this pet is a lot like caring for a ferret. The best part? They can live over 10 years.

5 The Patient Pacman Frog

This very large frog can reach up to 6 inches in length and are wider than they are long. They prefer to live alone, and may try to eat any cage mates. While they are extremely predatory, they spend most of their time sitting and waiting for prey to walk past them, so generally a 10 gallon tank is enough space.

6 The Delightful Degus

Degus are closely related to Chinchillas and Guinea Pigs, and are on the road to becoming a common pet. Like Chinchillas, they enjoy a weekly dust bath, and have soft, fluffy fur. The Dungu lives longer than most rodents, approximately 5 to 8 years if fed the proper diet. It also requires cage mates.

7 The fabulously under-rated Snail

The snail nearly tops our list as the most weird and awesome pet for many reasons. Science has been slow to study the snail, but snail owners haven't, so consult them online for snail care. Snails appear to be curious about their owners and generally warm up to them over time. They also engage in make-out sessions with other snails, shoot their lovers with darts, and lay tiny chicken eggs. They're easy to take care of. Love to be spritzed with water and eat kale and other veggies.

ViralBoro tips

1) Keep more than one.

2) Wash your hands before handling them, as any salt on your hands can hurt them.

3) They don't like spinach.

8 Man's Other best friend, the Rat

Why did rats make it to the top of our list?

Considered by many to be the rodent equivalent of a dog, pet rats are one of the most trainable and loyal companions you can find. If you're a dog lover, chances are you'll be a rat lover. They're also surprisingly clean and easy to care for.

ViralBoro Tip for new pet rat owners

Get two males. *There are several reasons for this.

1) It's difficult to tell if females are pregnant and they have an absurd amount of babies that you'll never be able to re-home.

2) Rats can become depressed if they don't have another rat buddy to party into the midnight hours with.

3) Males are bigger, slower and (varying by personality) are generally more likely to hang out in your lap for extended periods of time.


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