Gop-stop (гоп-стоп)

гоп-стоп - Russian


го́п-сто́п • (góp-stóp)

Mugging, street robbery, heist, hold-up, stickup (when a few people, some го́пники (gópniki), approach a victim on the street and take his money and valuables)

In fact, the expression "gop with a click" is associated with the criminal "specialty" of street robbers - the so-called "gop-stop". "Gop-stop" is a street robbery "out of fear", when a thug suddenly attacks the victim, bewilders them, robs them (often using violence), and then disappears just as suddenly. This technique was formerly called "gop with a click". According to Vladimir Dahl's "Explanatory Dictionary," the word "gop" means "a jump, a leap, or a blow ... to gop, jump, or hit." And "click" in this combination with "gop" does not mean a musical instrument, but - according to the same Dahl - is a synonym for the word "shmyg" and is formed from the verb "smeknut" ("shmygnut").

So "gop with a click" is an instant attack with a blow and a quick disappearance of the attacker. And the phrase "gop-stop" was directed directly at the victim and meant a demand to stop. It is often used now in a similar sense: to draw attention to oneself. For example - "Gop-stop, Dima, don't just walk by!"


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