Nashville's Mayor, Megan Barry got her freak on

As some of you may know, Nashville's Mayor, Megan Barry got her freak on a little too indiscreetly of late, and ended up getting caught, apologizing, not resigning, catching a felony charge, not resigning, taking a plea deal that required she resign, and resigning. In the aftermath of her sex scandal, she's been treated very forgivingly by the local press, and even portrayed as a victim in the editorial columns of some prominent local newspapers. To her credit, Barry did apologize and eventually resign, which is what you would expect any disgraced politician to do, but through this whole thing, one important character has been all but forgotten; the real victim, Sgt Rob Forrest.

A man seduced by a powerful woman, by his boss. Forrest is a 31 year veteran of the police force, husband and father. Well, he used to be a husband. His wife is, understandably, filing for divorce. While this man's life falls to ruins, let us remember his position in all of this: a subordinate. As an employee and subordinate of the Barry, he did his duty, accompanied her wherever she went, and faithfully serviced...err...served the Mayor to the fullest extent of his abilities.

To say that Sgt Forrest has been treated unfairly is an understatement. He was required to plead guilty to felony theft along with Barry, and while Barry, the culprit, the one in a position of power, was required to pay back $11,000 to the city, Forrest, the subordinate, was required to pay $45,000. Both have to serve three years probation, but for the former mayor, life will get back to normal much faster with the help and support of virtually everyone around her, while Forrest will have to piece his shattered life back together alone.


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